Who is Howard Rich?

Howard Rich, 70, is a libertarian political activist and real estate developer from New York City. A director of the pro-voucher Friedman Foundation, Rich has used his vast personal wealth in an effort to build a state legislature in South Carolina that will support his plan to divert public money to private schools through school vouchers and tax credits.

Howard Rich's involvement in South Carolina politics involves three main aspects:

1. Bypassing state contribution limits by using numerous LLC's to fund political candidates in local races, and keeping voters in the dark by making contributions after the candidate's final public disclosure.

2. Funneling even more money into SC campaigns from Utah, California, and elsewhere through a network of wealthy associates.

3. Establishing and funding "grass-roots" voucher lobbying groups in South Carolina to give the appearance of support for his agenda in our state. 

Howard Rich's substantial involvement in South Carolina politics and the methods used to support his private school voucher plan have profound implications for South Carolina's government, our public schools, and the integrity of our state’s political processes.

Bypassing SC's Campaign Contribution Limits

Individual contributions to political candidates in South Carolina are limited to $3500 for statewide offices and $1000 for State House candidates per election cycle.

To leverage his influence on South Carolina elections and evade South Carolina's campaign contribution limits, Howard Rich contributes through about 30 entities he owns or controls from his addresses at 73 Spring Street, New York City, and 1420 Walnut Street, Suite 1011, Philadelphia.

These entities include: Dayrich LLC, Bayrich LLC, Stilrich LLC, Streetrich LLC, Newrich LLC, Springrich Limited Partnership, Rich & Rich Associates, Rich Acquisitions, 123 LaSalle Inc., 123 LaSalle Associates, 4220 Broadway LLC, 4220 Broadway Inc., 188 Claremont LLC, Spooner LLC, Trucker 49 LLC, 405 49 Associates, Secure Data LLC, Ashborough Investors LLC, Rosemeade Investors LLC, 332 E 11 LLC, 470 W 166 LLC, Spinksville LLC, 538-14 Realty LLC, and several others listed below.

Howard Rich has used these entities to contribute as much as 24 times the individual contribution limit ($24,000) to a single legislative candidate in a single day.